Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Hard

The answer of this question can be answered in two perspectives, one is course perspective and the other is working perspective. So, first you should understand the working of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer then you will easily understand is aircraft maintenance engineering hard or easy.

Generally, the maintenance of aircraft is covered in two parts one is Line Maintenance and the other is Base Maintenance. Even, aircraft maintenance course are divided in these two parts. You can check it on the websites of Patna.

Let’s analyse Line Maintenance with microscope to get a clear cut answer.

What is The Job of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The process of line maintenance takes place within the turnaround time (TAT) between two flights with the aim to guarantee in time and reliable aircraft dispatch. The line maintenance process includes a routine check, post-flight inspection and malfunction rectification to be performed en-route and at base stations during transit, turn-around or night stop. Within TAT, a GO/NOGO decision is typically taken with respect to the aircraft's next flight. The current GO/NOGO decision making process is based on the assessment of the MMEL (Manufacturer Minimum Equipment List), namely the certification of the proper functionality of the aircraft's minimum number of critical components. If all MMEL relevant constraints could be satisfied, the aircraft status would become a GO and the aircraft would be able to perform the next flight turn. Today's decision support process is reactive and is based on unscheduled maintenance, during which, a troubleshooting process identifies the real root-cause, so that the necessary maintenance actions may then be carried out. Now, you understand what you have to do when you become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Obviously it’s not a tough task for you, if you have completed the course with dedication. In comparison with others aircraft maintenance engineer salary is very high.

Let’s move towards the aircraft maintenance course to understand the coursework toughness.

Aircraft Maintenance Course

Generally, before admission it’s very important to know about the course syllabus. So, here you will get to know about it. The course syllabus of top ame college in Bihar includes –


In this course you will get to know about Electrical Fundamentals, Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrument Systems, Material and Hardware and other basic details about aircrafts. Apart from all, this course includes practical training at AIR INDIA. This is a two year licence program including practical training at AIR INDIA of one year.


This course includes the syllabus of Category A1 with Electronic Fundamentals and many more topics. This is a four year licence program including practical training at AIR INDIA of two year.

So, it’s very much clear that, it’s not a tough course if you really want to become an aircraft maintenance engineer in India. But, if you want to know the more about it you may visit on aviation course in Patna. And, you know learning is something that will never go waste, so there is no disadvantages of aircraft maintenance engineering.

So, you are very much clear about Field of aircraft maintenance engineering and life of an aircraft maintenance engineer.

Now, stop thinking about the toughness of course and start to believe in your dream to become an aircraft engineer.



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